Logistic Staff - Pulomas

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Tempat : Pulomas
Surel : hrd@kiprosana.com
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Persyaratan :
  1. Pria, usia <30 Years 01d 
  2. Pendidikan D3/S1 Any Major 
  3. Pengalaman ± 1 - 2 Years 
  4. Driving license : SIM A
Skills : 
  • Excellent in data input/ calculation using Microsoft Excel (Pivot/ Formulas) and other Office Apps 
  • Understanding about Rolling Forecast, Purchase Order, Delivery Order from distributor 
  • Familiar with Production line for F&B Industry (Modern trade channel / National distribution) 
  • Good knowledge about SCM (Supply Chain), Efficiency Delivery Cost, Planning/ Controlling Delivery 
  • Excellent in data analysis; Compiling data into comprehensive report 
  • Good communication (negotiation skill), hardworking and initiative 
  • Strong analytical skill and problem solving 
  • Able to work under pressure and multi-tasking 
  • Easy to adapt and good to work as a team 
  • Having an active driving license (SIM A)
Uraian pekerjaan singkat : 
  1. Fulfillment PO from Distributor 
    • Execute & Responsible for the administrative document needed 
    • Planning/ Controlling Delivery 
    • On Time Delivery based on Delivery Plan and condition 
    • Coordination with SCM, Logistic Vendor, Warehouse/ others that involved in this process 
  2. Delivery Management 
    • Coordinate with SCM to make sure the delivery time is on schedule and efficient 
    • Actively looking for backup plan (new vendor/ new method) to fulfill the PO On - Time 
    • Collaborate w/ distributor to get more information in delivering special request Inventory control before delivery (Coordinate with Warehouse/ PtC) 
  3. Post Delivery
    • Preparing Delivery Report (ROFO, PO, DO, Fulfillment Date) 
    • Inventory control after delivery
    • Prepare Stock Inventory Report to SCM (Coordinate with Warehouse/ PIC) 
  4. Relatedtask  
    • Monthly Reporting for Head Operation
    • Logistic Strategy Meeting every month (Report/ Planning Update) to Operation Team
    • Task delegation to PIC/ Warehouse team in order to achieve the delivery plan
    • Maintaining/ Revamped the delivery SOP  

Target mulai bekerja *ASAP* 

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